Why GTA V Single Player is Still Amazing:

When was the last time you played GTA V’s single player? When your internet went down half way through playing a match? Sounds about right.






But instead of furiously trying to reconnect your router, play a bit of the single player because, even after 2 years, it is still incredible. Why, you might be asking, wouldn’t I just play the multiplayer? They’re the same, right? We’ll you’d wrong. The single player is such an immersive and detailed world that the multiplayer world often pales in comparison.




Here’s a few reasons why: So much stuff is going on! Having played multiplayer for so long it’s hard to remember how much stuff is going on in the single player. Few examples: More cars, police will randomly chase pedestrians and get into gun fights, animals everywhere (!), pedestrians talking to each other (and at you).



Cars: If you’re used to the cars in multiplayer, then getting into the cars in single player will mess you up! Seriously, these things go A LOT faster. You’ll think you can handle it, then BAM! You’ve just hit a tree and gone flying through the windshield.




You’re not about to be assassinated by your fellow player: Actually walking around the incredibly rich world of Los Santos, without being ripped to shreds by an attack helicopter and proceeding to hide in your ‘sea view’ apartment, is an absolute joy.

No goddamn Simeon vehicles!

No getting dropped by the server either!

And the missions are still absolutely incredible!



And the most important reason: Being able to do this flip thing. Seriously, why is this even a feature (not complaining though)!